Sep 12, 2011

Post SSC Diploma in Computer Engineering Syllabus.

Post SSC Diploma in Computer Engineering Syllabus.

First Year :

First Semester
Second Semester
1. Basic Physics 1. Communication Skills
2. Basic Chemistry 2. Engineering Mathematics
3. Basic Mathematics 3. Electronics
4. English 4. Electrical Technology
5. Engineering Graphics 5. Programming in ‘C’
6. Computer Fundamentals 6. Web Page Designing
7. Basic Workshop Practice 7. Developing Life Skills – I
8. Professional Practices II

Second Year :

Third Semester
Fourth Semester
1. Applied Mathematics 1. Microprocessor & Programming
2. Object Oriented Programming 2. Computer Networks
3. Digital Techniques 3. Data Structure
4. Relational Data Base Management Systems 4. Computer Graphics
5. Visual Basic 5. Computer Architecture & Maintenance
6. Professional Practices 6. Development of Generic Skills –II
7. Professional Practices IV

Third Year :

Fifth Semester
Sixth Semester
1. Software Engineering 1. Management
2. Java Programming 2. Software Testing
3. Computer Security 3. Advanced java Programming
4. Operating System 4. Object Oriented Modeling & Design OR
5. Network Management & Administration Advanced Web Technology OR
6. Advance Microprocessor OR
Windows Programming OR
Database Management OR
Multimedia & Animation Technique
Advanced Web Technology
 7. Professional Practices -V 5. Entrepreneurship Development

6. Industrial Projects

7. Professional Practices -VI


  1. You just listed the subjects. No use without the content of the syllabus.

  2. As I written earlier this is based on MSBTE E scheme syllabus. The content of subject is depends on book or MSBTE guidelines for subjects.

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  4. What is the difference between diploma in computer engineering and computer technology..??

    Can I do degree in computer engineering after doing diploma in computer technology..??

    1. Yes you can do computer engineering after doing diploma in computer technology

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