Sep 11, 2011

Mumbai University Bachelor of Mass Media (B.M.M.) Syllabus.

Mumbai University Bachelor of Mass Media (B.M.M.) Syllabus.

First Year :

Semester I
Semester II
1. Effective Communication Skills – I 1. Effective Communication Skills – II
2. Fundamentals of Mass Communication 2. Political Concepts and Indian Political Systems
3. Introduction to Computers 3. Principles of Marketing
4. Landmarks to 20th Century World History 4. Introduction to Psychology
5. Introduction to Sociology 5. Principles of Management
6. Economics 6. Introduction to Literature in English

Second Year :

Semester III
Semester IV
1. Introduction to Advertising 1. Mass Media Research
2. Introduction to Journalism 2. Organisational Behaviour
3. Introduction to Public Relations 3. Understanding Cinema
4. Introduction to Media Studies 4. Radio and Television
5. Introduction to Culture Studies 5. Advance Computers
6. Introduction to Creative Writing 6. Print Production and Photography

Third Year (Advertising):

Semester V
Semester VI
1. Advertising in Contemporary Society 1. Advertising and Marketing Research
2. Copywriting 2. Legal Environment and Advertising Ethics
3. Advertising Design 3. Financial Management for Marketing and Advertising
4. Consumer Behaviour 4. Agency Management
5. Media Planning and Buying 5. The Principal and Practice of Direct Marketing
6. Brand Building 6. Contemporary Issues

Third Year (Journalism):

Semester V
Semester VI
1. Reporting 1. Press Laws and Ethics
2. Editing 2. Broadcast Journalism
3. Feature and Opinion 3. Niche Journalism – II
4. Journalism and Public Opinion 4. Internet and Issue in the Global Media
5. Indian Regional Journalism 5. News Media Management
6. Niche and Magazine Journalism – I 6. Contemporary Issues

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