Sep 11, 2011

Mumbai University - Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering Syllabus.

Mumbai University - Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering Syllabus.

Second Year :

Third Semester
Fourth Semester
1. Applied Mathematics III 1. Applied Mathematics IV
2. Strength of Materials 2. Theory of Machines I
3. Machine Drawing 3. Thermal Engineering
4. Production Process – I 4. Production Process II
5. Thermodynamics 5. Materials Technology
6. Presentation & Communication Techniques 6. Industrial Electronics
7. Machine Shop Practice I 7. Machine Shop Practice II

Third Year :

Fifth Semester
Sixth Semester
1. Mechanical Measurements and Metrology 1. Mechatronics
2. Theory of Machines II 2. Hydraulic Machinery
3. Fluid Mechanics 3. Mechanical Vibrations
4. Heat and Mass Transfer 4. E-commerce And Industrial Finance
5. Graphics user Interface And Database ManagementVisual Basic 5. Internal Combustion Engines
6. Environmental Studies 6. Machine Design I

Fourth Year :

Seventh Semester
Eighth Semester
1. Machine Design– II 1. Automobile Engineering
2. CAD/CAM/CIM* 2. Finite Element Analysis*
3. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 3. Industrial Engineering and Enterprise Resource Planning
4. Manufacturing Planning and Control 4. Elective – II :

  • P1 Business Process Re engineering*
  • P2 Advanced Refrigeration and Air Conditioning*
  • P3 Nuclear Technology - II
  • Introduction to Nanotechnology*
  • Non Conventional Energy Sources
  •  Project management*
  •  Product Life Cycle Management*
  •  Artificial and Machine Intelligence *
  •  Advanced Turbo machinery*
  •  Mechanical System Design
  • Process Equipment Design
5. Elective - I :
  •  P1 Supply Chain Management*
  • P2 Cryogenic Engineering*
  • P3 Nuclear Technology - I
  • Micro Electro Mechanical Systems(MEMS) *
  • Power Plant Engineering
  • Operations Research*
  •  Information Technology for Management of Enterprises*
  • Virtual Reality*
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics*
  • Industrial Robotics*
  • Piping Engineering
  • Dynamic System Modelling & Analysis
 5. Project
 6. Project

*Common with Automobile engineering
* Common with Automobile engineering.

Paired Electives :- If student selects sr. no.P1 as elective –I in semester VII

then he/she has to choose sr. no.P1 as elective –II in semester VIII.

Open Electives :- Students can select any one subject as elective-I in semester-

VII from sr. no. 1 to 6 and any one subject as elective-II in semester-VIII, from

the list.

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