Sep 12, 2011

Post SSC Diploma in Electrical Engineering Syllabus.

Post SSC Diploma in Electrical Engineering Syllabus.

First Year :

First Semester
Second Semester
1. Basic Physics 1. Communication Skills
2. Basic Chemistry 2. Engineering Mathematics
3. Basic Mathematics 3. Applied Science ( Electrical)
4. English 4. Engineering Mechanics
5. Engineering Graphics 5. Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
6. Computer Fundamentals 6. Development of Life Skills-I
7. Basic Workshop Practice 7. Computer Applications
8. Professional Practices

Second Year :

Third Semester
Fourth Semester
1. Applied Mathematics 1. Transmission & Distribution of Electric Power
2. Electrical Circuits and Network 2. D. C. machines & Transformers
3. Electrical Measurements 3. Instrumentation
4. Electrical Power Generation 4. Electrical Estimation & Costing
5. Basic Electronic 5. Applied Electronics
6. Electrical Workshop 6. Electrical Drawing
7. Elements of Mechanical and Civil Engineering 7. Development of Life Skills-II
8. Professional Practices-III 8. Professional Practices-IV

Third Year :

Fifth Semester
Sixth Semester
1. Switchgear and Protection 1. Management
2. A. C. machines 2. Testing & Maintenance of Electrical Machines
3. Utilisation of Electrical Energy 3. Power & Drvies
4. Electrical Power System Analysis 4. Power Operation & Load Dispatch
5. Electri Traction-I OR 5. Electric Traction-II OR
Illumination Engineering OR Maintenance and Repairs of Electrical Equipment OR
Industrial Automation OR Microprocessor and Microcontroller OR
Energy Conversation and Audit Power Quality & Deregulation Systems
6. Industrial Project & Entreneurship Development 6. Industrial Project
7. Professional Practices-V


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