Nov 5, 2012

Pune University - Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering Syllabus

Pune University - Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering Syllabus.

Second Year :

Third Semester S.E. PART 1
Fourth Semester S. E. PART 2
1. Chemistry I 1. Chemistry II
2. Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering 2. Heat Transfer
3. Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics 3. Principles of Design
4. Chemical Engineering Materials 4. Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I
5. Process Calculations 5. Mechanical Operations
6. Technical Communication 6. Workshop Practice
6. Engineering Mathematics –III

Third Year :

Fifth Semester T.E. PART 1
Sixth Semester T.E. PART 2
1. Chemical Engineering Mathematics 1. Chemical Reaction Engineering I
2. Mass Transfer I 2. Transport Phenomena
3. Industrial Organization & mgmt 3. Chemical Engineering Design I
4. Chemical Process Technology 4. Mass Transfer II
5. Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II 5. Process Instrumentation & Control
6. Computer AidedChemical Engineering I 6. Seminar
6. Industrial Training I (Evaluation)

Final Year :

Seventh Semester B.E. PART 1
Eighth Semester B.E. PART 2
1. Elective – I
-Environmental Engineering
-Membrane Technology
-Bioprocess Engineering
-Corrosion Engineering
1. Elective – III
-Artificial Intelligence In Chemical Engineering
-Energy Conservation In Chemical Process Industries
-Chemical Process Safety
-Food Technology
2. Elective- II
-Chemical Process Synthesis
-Advanced Materials
-Polymer Technology
-Piping Design & Engineering
-Advance Separation Processes
-Petroleum Refining
2. Elective – IV
-Standardization and Quality
Assurance in Chemical Process
-Fuel Cell Technology
-Petrochemical Engineering
-Computer Aided Process Control
-Open Elective*
3. Process Dynamics and Control 3. Process Modeling and Simulation
4. Chemical Reaction Engineering II 4. Process Engineering Costing & Plant
5. Chemical Engineering Design II 5. Project
6. Computer Aided Chemical Engineering II
    7. Industrial Training II (Evaluation)
      8. Project


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